Adult Driving
Lessons (Private)

Looking for behind the wheel or private driving lessons?

Whether you’re obtaining your first driver’s license as an adult, or you haven’t driven for awhile and your driving skills have waned, we offer the best West Michigan adult drivers training available with complete, modern classroom learning and supervised on-the-road experience.

Our rates are $75/hour. Call or email our office for availability.

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One of the primary reasons adults enroll in driving school in West Michigan is that they didn’t learn to drive formally as a teenager, a common experience for people who grew up in cities with extensive public transportation systems. When people from these cities move to a new location that doesn’t possess the same kind of extensive public transportation, many find themselves in need of drivers training. 

As adults, the driver’s training education requirements are the same as for teenage students. They must attend classroom sessions to learn about the driving rules and regulations and how various road and weather conditions affect the way a car handles. They must also participate in on-the-road driving practice under the close supervision of a qualified driving instructor in order to apply their classroom experience in real time driving situations.

Adults who already possess a valid driver’s license may choose to attend adult driver’s training in Michigan for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is undergoing additional driver’s training in order to mitigate legal penalties incurred from various driving infractions. In many cases, the courts will reduce or possibly eliminate fines and points from your driving record if you voluntarily attend a drivers education training program. In other instances, when the nature of the infraction warrants it, the court may order you to attend adult driving school as part of your sentence. Either way, private driving lessons can fulfill these legal requirements, addressing your specific, court-related driving issues while avoiding classroom sessions that cover material unrelated to your legal situation and court mandate.

The other main reason adults might attend a drivers training school is financial, to obtain a reduced rate on their auto insurance. Insurance companies frequently offer reduced rates to elderly drivers who attend driving school in order to keep their driving skills sharp and reduce the risk of accidents – and insurance claims. In these cases, drivers training typically involves a set amount of classroom and on-the-road hours, with a fairly generalized drivers education curriculum.




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