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  • Majority of Instructors are Parents Who Understand the Variety of Learning Styles
  • Combined instructors we have over 200 years of drivers training experience on staff
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Some kids like going to school, some kids, not so much. But the one school every student who is approaching driving age looks forward to attending is driving school! That’s because once they finish, they’ll be qualified to get their driving learner’s permit and be on their way to obtaining their first driver’s license.

Buckle In Driving Academy provides the very best drivers education training in Muskegon, Grandville, Kalamazoo, Portage, and the West Michigan area for your teen’s safety and for your peace of mind. Not only do we teach all the basic curriculum required by the State of Michigan, but we incorporate state of the art technology in the classroom not offered by most other driving schools, including a driving simulator so students learn in a safe setting how distracted driving from things like texting, alcohol and drugs, fatigue, and emotions can impair their driving ability and affect their safety as well as the safety of others. These realistic simulations change nebulous warnings against unsafe driving behaviors into visible, tangible experiences, all without any actual risk to your student’s health and well-being.

Another important advantage we offer students at Buckle In Driving Academy is the opportunity to drive in a variety of different sized vehicles. Many drivers education programs use small, economy sized cars exclusively. These may or may not be the type of car the student will have access to after graduation. For our on the road segments of the drivers training curriculum, we utilize a variety of vehicles, from midsize sedans to large, crew-cab pickup trucks. In this way, students gain a more complete driving experience and are better acclimated and equipped to drive their family vehicles, no matter what size or type they may be. For more information on the advantages of Buckle In Driving Academy, call us today. (616) 855-6555.

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  • NFamily Owned & Operated
  • NFun Learning Environment With Hands on Learning
  • NVirtual Reality Distracted Driving Simulator
  • NAll Instructors are Parents Who Understand the Variety of Learning Styles
  • N5 Star Safety Rated Dual Controlled Vehicles
  • NAll Vehicles Have Dual Vision Dash Cams for Your Child's Safety
  • NFully Licensed by the State of Michigan
  • NFlexible Schedules



We offer a very unique classroom setting for the best drivers training learning experience in Muskegon, Grandville, and the Kalamazoo/Portage area. Our base curriculum is provided by the State of Michigan. One of the reasons we differ from other driving schools is the additional items we offer such as hands-on learning that includes a virtual reality simulator so your child can see how distractions such as texting and driving can affect their ability to drive.

We have a fleet of newer, well-maintained vehicles that we use to teach your child the fundamentals of driving on the road. They range from midsize cars to a crew cab pickup. On the road, We cover basic driving skills, from driving in local neighborhoods and the city, to entering and driving on the expressway. We also want our students to have fun while they’re learning. That’s why we give them practical driving tips and experiences such as how to drive safely in busy parking lots, fast food drive-thrus, and how to pump gas. Our goal is to make Drivers Education a rewarding experience for our students and providing them with a real sense of accomplishment.

We realize today’s parents and their teens have busy schedules, so we have flexible scheduling for our drive times. Being a family-owned business, we pride ourselves in treating you and your child the way we would want to be treated.
​We look forward to partnering with you on this journey!