Teen Driving Lessons

Do Driving Classes Teach All Teens Need to Know to Operate a Vehicle?

Many driving schools advertise that they offer driving classes. This can lead some to believe that this is all there is to teen driving lessons. However, the reality is that the classroom segments are just part of the experience. The other requirement is on-the-road training. This is because driving a vehicle, like many skills, requires actual practice as well as book understanding.

The classroom aspect of teen driving lessons covers a large amount of material. Some of this material involves teaching the laws of driving on both Michigan roads and interstate freeways. What road signs mean, the times of day a school zone speed limit is active, the meanings of road markings, and much more of this type of material is covered. Teens will also learn about laws that cover things like when and how to use a baby seat in the car, how seatbelt regulations vary according to the passenger's age, open bottle regulations, and more.

Classroom education doesn't stop there. Understanding of the physics relevant to driving is also obtained. This covers things like the differences in stopping distance created by speed and road condition, the reason a small car will lose to a giant truck in a crash, and related information. By understanding these things, new drivers can better predict what is safe in a variety of situations.

On-the-road training takes place in a vehicle that has been modified so that a driving instructor can stop the car if need be. The student will be accompanied on a variety of trips ranging from slow neighborhood drives to fast freeway driving. This ensures that the student properly applies what was learned in his or her classroom-based teen driving lessons.

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